Third Party Warbotron: “Warbot’s Rise”

From the artistic team of the Third Party Comics makers Lost Seeds, here are episodes #3-4-5 of the graphic novel featuring the five robots of Warbotron‘s project WB01.

It’s “Warbot’s Rise”, a non-Combaticons story showcasing Fierce Attack (non-Onslaught), Sly Strike (non-Swindle), Air Burst (non-Blast Off), Whirlwind (non-Vortex), Heavy Noisy (non-Brawl), plus five special guests from Warbotron’s WB03 project.


In issues #1 and #2, sexy-archaeologist-with-government-connections Megan came into possession of an ancient arctifact known as The Key Of Life.
Soon after that, Megan was kidnapped by her own car, an off-road vehicle acting as though it possessed a mind of its own.
The vehicle forcefully led Megan to a hidden cave among uninhabited mountains, where four giant robots laid dormant.
The vehicle itself transformed into a giant robot who bullied Megan into using the Key Of Life to bring the other robots back to life.
Later, four of those robots appeared in the middle a nameless city, and started wreacking havoc, destroying buildings, killing people, and effortlessly taking down the army vehicles and air force planes sent to stop them.
The mindless carnage, though, was not a random act: those robots were carrying on a plan whose ultimate goal remained unknown…

…until now.




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Art by Daniele Spezzani, Nicodemus Rexx, Nate Hammond, Golby2, Iohannes Vinci, Simone Daraghiati.

Auditions for new artists are always open: if you think you have what it takes, contact us here, on Deviantart or on Facebook!


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