Third Party DAI Commander Stack in “Why Should I Deal With This Now?”

As some guessed, the double purpose of the Generations comics was gathering artists who could meet the requirements of professional comic-making, as well as displaying a portfolio of the art that these artistic team are capable of.
The early results of this enterprise were shown on this blog a few weeks ago; another one can be seen in this post, and more will possibly follow. Keep an eye on the upcoming KFC Transistors (not-Blaster), and the final piece of the first Warbotron Gestalt: one can never know what could suddenly show up!

Produced by Third Party KFC (Keith’s Fantasy Club) in 2014, DAI Commander Stack is an update Repaint of Citizen Stack.
As his color scheme suggests, he is also a homage to Delta Magnus, Diaclone Powered Convoy and Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus. The attached comic is a Repaint/Remold as well, featuring new lineart, new dialogue and a final “Mirrorverse” twist!

It’s “Why Should I Deal With This Now?”, also featuring Krank, Sky Pirates Sencho Barbossa and Haiku, Stax, Badbat, Haymaker, Mugan Vox and Overslay!

Art by Iohannes Vinci & Simone Daraghiati.


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Third Party Citizen Stack in “I Can Deal With this Now!”

Produced by Third Party Keith’s Fantasy Club in 2014, Citizen Stack is an alternate version of G1 Ultra Magnus that lives in an alternate, post-apocalyptic Cybertron where darkness rules– classic factions have no meaning, here, where Cybertronians are gathered in clans constantly fighting each other for survival.
The Citizen Stack toy comes with a 6-pages comic, “I Can Deal With this Now!”, which features some familiar faces among the authors!

Art by Iohannes Vinci & Simone Daraghiati.