The Lost Seasons: “Solaris”

Transformers: The Lost Seasons project presents a Season 2.5 tale: Solaris.

Featuring Comsos and an all new Cybertronian Gestalt, this story is all about science, deep space exploration and unimaginable secrets.
For those who used to wonder why Cosmos’s alt mode is so weirdly shaped, the answer can be found here, as the little and lonely space-faring Autobot rejoins his original Combiner Team, the Quantabots!

Also featuring the Combaticons and Bruticus, this comic is a truly Combiner War, deeply rooted in Cybertron‘s past… and future! What is “The Vortex” and what hides behind it?

“Solaris” is available in PDF format, both for download and online browsing. The collected edition also features a special bonus: the five Profiles of the Quantabots, done in MTMTE Guidebook style!

Set in G1 cartoon continuity, this story is connected to episode Fight Or Flee of Season 3, as revealed by the appearance of the Titanium Hope spaceshift.

Lineart and story by Joe Teanby. Colors by Jason Nangle, Zerob, Navtej Heer. Story and lettering by Franco Villa


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