SoD “Arise Females”: Character studies

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the studies for Arise, Females!

Crashlanded on Cybertron while escaping from the merciless conquering army of Nova Prime and Jhiaxus, the Lunars of Moon Beta found themselves in the toxic environment of the Junklands– a place turned into a poisonous nightmare by millennia of reckless disposal of industrial waste.
Able to adapt, the Lunars absorbed all sort of junk, transforming their bodies into forms that could withstand that harsh environment– and they became the Junkions.
Among the piles of garbage of the Junklands, a special section was reserved to Jhiaxus’ failed experiments– such as the corpses of the Cybertronians turned into females.
One day the Junkions realized that one of those corpses was not a corpse at all: it took a long time, but they were able to salvage, fix and heal the latest victim of Jhiaxus’ perversions.
And when she finally came back online, fully restored, Arcee’s quest for revenge and identity began!

Art by Milad Taleghani.


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Third Party Ghetto Blast & Transistor in “…You Won’t Believe the Things I Can Do Now!”

Another artistic team joins the group of the Third Party Comics makers, delivering the comic book that comes with KFC‘s Transistor toy.

A non-Blaster non-Masterpiece toy, Transistor is the logical evolution of Ghetto Blast, as chronicled by this adventure that also features other toys from the Keith’s Fantasy Club such as: Amputare (non-Shockwave), Mugan Vox (non-Soundwave), Mugan Exsect (non-Scalpel), Tempest (non-Cyclonus) and non-Wreckgar, plus Badbat (not-Ratbat), Justice Iron Paw (non-Steeljaw) and Rinhorn (non-Ramhorn).

Art by Daniele Spezzani & Nicodemus Rexx.

The unlettered pages are also featured in the artists’ own galleries:

“…You Won’t Believe the Things I Can Do Now!” is set in the same continuity of the previously produced KFC comics, “I Can Deal With this Now!” and “Why Should I Deal With This Now?”.
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