The Lost Seasons: Precursor

The Transformers: The Lost Seasons project presents Precursor.

Laser Core or Spark Core? Matrix of Leadership or Creation Matrix? Rodimus Prime or Unicron? Grimlock or Primacron? Technobots or Tornatron?
So many questions, and just one answer, coming from the geniuses who gave life to so many Cybertronians without even using the Matrix!

By Joe Teanby, Dohee Lee, Nicolas Siregar.


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G1 Season 4: the “Italian Detour” – Primacron’s Quintesson Shell

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents a character concept for the online comics of G1 Season 4: “An Italian Detour”.

The apparently insignificant being known as Primacron was responsible of the creation of Unicron, the Cybertronian Primitives and Tornatron. How was that possible, unless his meek appearance was only a facade hiding something grander and greater?
Throughout the millennia, the energy entity known as Primacron– who had been created as an intermediary between two opposite cosmic forces– used different avatar to interact with the physical universe.
When he had to persuade the Quintessons into creating the Cybertronians, he manifested among them using the Pretender Shell featured here for the first time.

Art by Milad Taleghani, Jason Nangle


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