SoD Trannis: The End of the Golden Age

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the final act of Trannis.

As the conspiracy weaved by the Underground Movement grows, Trannis and his allies Shockwave and Soundwave focus their effort on exterminating the leaders of the peaceful society that rules Cybertron– Sentinel Prime and Omega Supreme!
When the last moon falls, and the daylight of the Golden Age is replaced by a dark and fateful night, the Decepticons are born, and Megatron rises. The mystery of the Gladiator and Trannis is finally solved– spelling doom for the whole planet.
The Civil War has begun!

Art by Daniele “DanBrenus” Spezzani, Nicola Perugini, Charlotte, kriegswaffle, suzidragonlady, Nasmik Allen, Lauren Mays.


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SoD Shockwave/Soundwave: the Omega Battle!

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents pages 16-18 of Shockwave/Soundwave.

It’s the very beggining of the Civil War! With Omega Supreme taken out of the equation by a two-pronged assault, the Omega Sentinels cannot rise to defend the Cybertronian Citistates against the overwhelming Decepticon Insurgence!

Art by Zerob, Tomoko.


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From the Lawless Times: StarGryph & Emperor Dagon

The Lawless Times are a mythical barbarian age that belongs both to the Seeds Of Deception and The Lost Seasons continuities.
Amazing, titanic creatures lived in that age, terrorizing the common Cybertronians. Among them, the feared Emperor Dagon: ruler of the depths of the Rust Sea and master of the dwellers of the abyss!

But some of those creatures were not that savage; for instance, StarGryph, the steed of the legendary king Pion Rex!

Art by Andrea Maraldi. Concepts by Juan Pablo Osorio & Peter Istyle.

Just like many other creatures from that distant, primordial Age, StarGryph and Emperor Dagon are related to some G1 characters.

G1 Marvel 78.5, Terrorcon Hunt, The Future Is -Ation

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project continue its run and presents three previews for three great stories!

1. Transformers in Ancient Greek style for the G1 Marvel 78.5 story: what will Rollout and Charger find int their quest for the Last Autobot?
2. Vote for Snaptrap: this underused character is going to play a major role in The Future Is -Ation. Has Ultra Magnus met his opposite number? After all, they have a history.
3. The savage Cutthroat was happily living his Primitive life, but then something changed… and Technobots started hunting down him and his comrade. It’s the Terrorcon Hunt!

New -Ation Headmasters and classic G1 Pretenders

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents more art for The Future Is -Ation, featuring Override, Runabout and his Headmaster partner Drake and Override.

The twin project Transformers: The Lost Seasons presents a G1 cartoon story from the missing years before TFTM86, featuring Prowl and Streetwise versus the Battlechargers.
And finally, from a friend project, an alternate take on the origins of the Autobot and Decepticon Pretenders. Special guests: the Inhumanoids and the Earth Corps.