SoD Jetfire/Grimlock: The Final Act

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the final act of SoD: Jetfire/Grimlock.

The Civil War has begun!
Jetfire must witness the fall of Omega Supreme, ravaged by a CerebroShell, while Grimlock stands before the honor-less slaughter of weak mechanoids.

Wiall they remain in the Decepticon army, or join its opposite number? And what consequences will that bring?

It’s the end of an era and the beginning of another one, seen through the twin eyes of the scientist and the warrior!

Art by Daniele “DanBrenus” Spezzani, Peter Istyle, Kal, Kae Diesp.


Wrath Of The Ages #6 – The end!

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the end of Wrath Of The Ages #6.

It’s now or never! What is happening to Grimlock? Will the damaged Optimus Prime manage to withstand the fury of Megatron? Will Flash’ race be doomed by the hands of Carnivac and Spinister? And what can stop the unstoppable Aerial Extermination Drones?
Everything comes crashing together in the great finale!

It’s the last installment of the unofficial sequel to The War Within: The Age Of Wrath, based on the summaries of the unpublished episodes!

Art by Daniele “danbrenus” Spezzani, OGE, Nicodemus Rexx, Zerob, Esther Pimentel, Hedge, Lauren Mays.


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SoD Shockwave/Soundwave: the Omega Battle!

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents pages 16-18 of Shockwave/Soundwave.

It’s the very beggining of the Civil War! With Omega Supreme taken out of the equation by a two-pronged assault, the Omega Sentinels cannot rise to defend the Cybertronian Citistates against the overwhelming Decepticon Insurgence!

Art by Zerob, Tomoko.


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Regeneration Plus #1 – “Fatal Encounter”

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception and Transformers: The Lost Seasons projects present the new installment of the Regeneration Plus fanseries.

It’s the second story included in Regeneration Plus #1, “Fatal Encounter”. Follow Prowl’s battle against an interdimensional version of Rampage, as Ratchet prepares to use his legendary M.A.R.B. once again!
And how does William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” fit in all this?

By Nicola Balocca, András Gyúró.

Reflector On: Energon Prowl

A new aperiodical section makes its debut today: it’s “reflector on” (roughly translated in broken English from Italian), dedicated to the secret history of toys from all the lines. Possible connections between series, homages, behind-the-scenes, nods, tributes and trivia about the big Transformers universe!
The section begins with Energon Prowl, answering the infamous question: what does a F1 racing car have to do with a Police patrol?

Transformers: Sentinel Prime – In battle against Megatron

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents the final act of the Sentinel Prime chapter.
Sentinel Prime fights Megatron to the bitter end, paving the road to The War Within: but will being the only mech left standing, enough to claim victory?
A tale of sacrifice and ideals, to remind us why the Autobots and the Decepticons are NOT the same thing!

New -Ation Headmasters and classic G1 Pretenders

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents more art for The Future Is -Ation, featuring Override, Runabout and his Headmaster partner Drake and Override.

The twin project Transformers: The Lost Seasons presents a G1 cartoon story from the missing years before TFTM86, featuring Prowl and Streetwise versus the Battlechargers.
And finally, from a friend project, an alternate take on the origins of the Autobot and Decepticon Pretenders. Special guests: the Inhumanoids and the Earth Corps.