SoD Jetfire/Grimlock: The Final Act

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the final act of SoD: Jetfire/Grimlock.

The Civil War has begun!
Jetfire must witness the fall of Omega Supreme, ravaged by a CerebroShell, while Grimlock stands before the honor-less slaughter of weak mechanoids.

Wiall they remain in the Decepticon army, or join its opposite number? And what consequences will that bring?

It’s the end of an era and the beginning of another one, seen through the twin eyes of the scientist and the warrior!

Art by Daniele “DanBrenus” Spezzani, Peter Istyle, Kal, Kae Diesp.


Reflector On: Energon Prowl

A new aperiodical section makes its debut today: it’s “reflector on” (roughly translated in broken English from Italian), dedicated to the secret history of toys from all the lines. Possible connections between series, homages, behind-the-scenes, nods, tributes and trivia about the big Transformers universe!
The section begins with Energon Prowl, answering the infamous question: what does a F1 racing car have to do with a Police patrol?

The Lost Seasons: A Gordian Knot (conclusion)

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents a new story of the twin project Transformers: The Lost Seasons.

In A Gordian Knot (conclusion), Optimus Prime must face the double threat of the Decepticon Gestalts in two different eras! It’s 1986 Devastator and 2007 Menasor, attacking CERN in Switzerland in order to put their hands on the Time Anomaly!
But not if Broadside and Skyfire can have their say in this! And while in 1986 Megatron was still alive and kicking, in 2007 there’s Motormaster leading the charge. Last but not least: how comes that Swerve can question Optimus Prime? Everything is possible in the G1 cartoon universe, especially when it comes to unexplored characters!
Also don’t miss some Throttlebot special guests, classic time anomalies featuring prehistoric beasts and Greek warriors… and big explosions that would make the day of Michael Bay!

Story by Franco Villa & Gianluca Gamba. Art by Iohannes Vinci, Mari & Heather.

This story arc is over, but more will come in 2013, as you can see in this “Coming soon” teaser art. Yes, that’s Beast Wars Dinobot. Yes, those are G1 Powerglide and Astoria Carlton-Ritz. Oh, a Quintesson pushing a button and executing a master plan. Ultra Magnus, Red Alert, Sunstreaker, Rodimus Prime, Blaster, Tracks: it’s Transformers: The Movie (1986) again.


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Ratbat versus Mirage!

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents a tie in to page 9 of SoD: Ratbat and also the last SoD contribution to the Mosaic fanproject. It’s Mirage/Ratbat, featuring the ultimate truth about the so-called Autobot traitor.