Third Party Ghetto Blast & Transistor in “…You Won’t Believe the Things I Can Do Now!”

Another artistic team joins the group of the Third Party Comics makers, delivering the comic book that comes with KFC‘s Transistor toy.

A non-Blaster non-Masterpiece toy, Transistor is the logical evolution of Ghetto Blast, as chronicled by this adventure that also features other toys from the Keith’s Fantasy Club such as: Amputare (non-Shockwave), Mugan Vox (non-Soundwave), Mugan Exsect (non-Scalpel), Tempest (non-Cyclonus) and non-Wreckgar, plus Badbat (not-Ratbat), Justice Iron Paw (non-Steeljaw) and Rinhorn (non-Ramhorn).

Art by Daniele Spezzani & Nicodemus Rexx.

The unlettered pages are also featured in the artists’ own galleries:

“…You Won’t Believe the Things I Can Do Now!” is set in the same continuity of the previously produced KFC comics, “I Can Deal With this Now!” and “Why Should I Deal With This Now?”.
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