Regeneration Plus #4 – “Trompe Le Monde”

Regeneration Plus presents a new installment of Regeneration Plus #4:


“Trompe Le Monde”.

Featuring G.B: Blackrock, the Ark, G.I. Joe, and Josie “Circuit Breaker” Beller!

By Nicola Balocca, András Gyúró.


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Regeneration Plus #1 – “Megatron Changes The World”

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception and Transformers: The Lost Seasons projects present the new installment of the Regeneration Plus fanseries.

It’s the third and last story included in Regeneration Plus #1, “Megatron Changes The World”. The Ark crashlanded on Earth, the occupants died and Fortress Maximus/Spike Witwicky took care of some loose threads: but is that all?
Not if Cobra can have a say! Doctor Mindbender, Megatron, Ratbat and some Marvellous and unexpected guests from the original G1 continuity are here to tell a new tale that ties directly into Regeneration One and the Dark Matrix Entity saga!

The full issue of Regeneration Plus #1 is available in PDF format on DeviantArt. Check out the notes to each single page for more formats and download links.

By Nicola Balocca, Joe Teanby, Jason Nangle.


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