Wrath Of The Ages #5 – collected PDF edition

Featuring the whole issue #5 of Wrath Of The Ages, this PDF collection chronicles the Civil War events that were set in motion when Megatron reappeared on Cybertron and conquered the whole planet thanks to an army of Aerospace Extermination Troopers provided by his secret allies, the Quintesson.

As the Resistance, led by Perceptor and Blaster, tries to fight back by seizing the secret of the A.E. Trooper technology, questions continue to pile up. Why is Megatron using the enslaved Autobot as miners inside an incredibly deep shapft that leads straight to the planetary meta-core? What primeval force resurrected Grimlock’s Spark Core, turning him into a monstrous, primordial version of his self?

The mystery continues on planet Quintessa, where the stranded Turbomaster Flash must survive the savage Sharkticons and find his way to the jail where Optimus Prime is still being kept prisoner.
As the surviving Wreckers prepare to enter the fray, the remaining Turbomasters attempt a rescue mission on their own, using a dimensional probe to pierce space-time, in order to bring back the only mech who can restore balance on Cybertron…before Primus himself makes his move!