Regeneration Plus #4 – “A Matter Of Perspective”

Regeneration Plus presents a new installment of Regeneration Plus #4: “A Matter Of Perspective”.

Featuring Shattered Optimus Prime, Generations Sandstorm, Tf:Prime Cliffjumper and more, it’s another step of a words-collide event!

By Nicola Balocca, András Gyúró.

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Wrath Of The Ages #6 – The end!

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents the end of Wrath Of The Ages #6.

It’s now or never! What is happening to Grimlock? Will the damaged Optimus Prime manage to withstand the fury of Megatron? Will Flash’ race be doomed by the hands of Carnivac and Spinister? And what can stop the unstoppable Aerial Extermination Drones?
Everything comes crashing together in the great finale!

It’s the last installment of the unofficial sequel to The War Within: The Age Of Wrath, based on the summaries of the unpublished episodes!

Art by Daniele “danbrenus” Spezzani, OGE, Nicodemus Rexx, Zerob, Esther Pimentel, Hedge, Lauren Mays.


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The Lost Seasons: Attack of the DIA-clones (Act 4)

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents a new story of the twin project Transformers: The Lost Seasons.

In Attack of the DIA-clones (Act 4), Starscream and doctor Arkeville are finally able to put their big Diaclone plan in motion!
Will Ultra Magnus, Skyfire, Brawn, Cliffjumper, Windcharger and the other Minibots be able to prevent it from coming to fruition?
Cybertron is the stage of the last (?) battle against the Dia-clone army, as the ultimate resurrection gambit begins!

Story by Juan Pablo Osorio & Franco Villa. Art by Paul Vromen & Eman B. Zubia.

This story arc is over, but more will come in 2013, as you can see in this “Coming soon” teaser art!!


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