The Drought, prequel #2: “Moonlighting”

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents Moonlighting, a new prequel to The Drought!

Story by Franco Villa. Art by Ibai Canales.

Set in the War Within continuity, this ever-expanding series reveals untold details about the origin of the Energon and the inner workings of Cybertron’s lunar system.

Not Transformers-related, but from the same artist, the weekly Weregun saga!.

Skids: whys and wherefores!

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents two new installments of the Short Stories collection!

Stories by Franco Villa & Juan Pablo Osorio. Art by Alexandra Shiyan, Haleyon & Rafael Yanez.

Based on the War Within continuity, the Short Stories cover the whole timespan of the Transformers: from Impactor’s early exploits alongside Emirate Xaaron during the Nova Prime Age, to the tales of the Golden Age (featuring Sentinel Prime, Trannis, Swindle, Alpha Trion, the Insecticons, Ratbat, Mirage, Fistfight, Octane and many more), to the tragic events of the Civil War (as witnessed by Jetfire, Bombshell, Megatron, Grimlock, Skids, Grand Slam, Raindance, Blaster, Ironfist).

New -Ation Headmasters and classic G1 Pretenders

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents more art for The Future Is -Ation, featuring Override, Runabout and his Headmaster partner Drake and Override.

The twin project Transformers: The Lost Seasons presents a G1 cartoon story from the missing years before TFTM86, featuring Prowl and Streetwise versus the Battlechargers.
And finally, from a friend project, an alternate take on the origins of the Autobot and Decepticon Pretenders. Special guests: the Inhumanoids and the Earth Corps.

The Future Is -Ation

The Seeds Of Deception project presents character studies for The Future Is -Ation, an alternate to the events of Devastation, Revelation and Maximum Dinobots, continuing and expanding the existing story-lines so far.

Concepts and art by Ibai.
Additional art by Nate, Seb and Chris.
Concepts and coordination by Franco.