SoD Metroplex: “The Transmogrification Occurrence” (1)

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents The Transmogrification Occurrence.

Deemed too unstable to be deployed in battle, the gigantic Metroplex is being confined in an uninhabited solar system, where his trusted team (Scamper, Slammer, Six-Gun) takes care of his huge spaceship alt-mode, performing maintenance, experimenting on fringe cyberinterface technologies…and facing unscheduled threats by a lone Decepticon bounty hunter!

Art by Joe Teanby, Krin, Lizolb.


Discussion threads:

Seibertron, AllSpark, TfArchive, NTFA, Tfw2005, Cybertron, IDW Publishing forum, Tformers, FullMetalHero, TMUK, TransFans, Unicron, TfCog, TheTF, OTCA.


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