Regeneration Plus #3 – “Hate Is All They Need”

Regeneration Plus presents a new installment of Regeneration Plus #3: “Hate Is All They Need”.

Sixshot has gathered an army of Decepticons: Combiners, Insecticons, Coneheads…they are his to command. But they still need to learn to follow him for a reason that goes beyond fear– it’s time for Sixshot to start some mind games!

By Nicola Balocca, Joe Teanby, Jason Nangle, Zerob.


Discussion threads:
Seibertron, AllSpark, TfArchive, NTFA, Tfw2005, Cybertron, IDW Publishing forum, TMUK, Tformers, TfCog, FullMetalHero, TheTF, TransFans, Unicron, OTCA, TransformerLand.


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