Shattered sagas! “Cybertronians” and “Earth”

The Shattered Comics project presents two different sagas in one huge post.

1) Transformers Cybertronians

There are no factions called Decepticons or Autobots. There is Peace on Cybertron. Megatron and Optimus are both soldiers in the Cybertronian army…and friends. The Cybertronian species is a peacekeeping force in the galaxy, bringing order and justice. But today, they face an enemy who they tought defeated.

Optimus and Megatron are not alone in their fight against this monstrosity. From another universe help is coming…in the form of Galvatron and his friend Crasher.

2.a) Starscream’s RealmIssue zero of the Shattered Marvels!

Every fan of the Transformers who grew up with the original series and TFTM86, knows about Starscream’s death. Unlike most Transformers, Starscreams has a mutant, indestructible Spark, whose life-force cannot be destroyed and will persist even without a body to contain it.
Starscream returned as a ghost in Season 3’s episode “Starscream’s Ghost”, but years later he moved to the Beast Wars series, where his ghost traveled through time and space to the prehistoric Earth.
Publisher Dreamwave featured a Starscream that was killed and then resurrected as an Energon ghost in their Armada/Energon comics .

Ultimately, Takara/Tomy E-hobby TF Vol.2 told the ulitmate “Starscream’s Ghost” story, as Starscream enters a realm where he sees other versions of himself, and all of them die.

“Starscream’s Realm” is based on the aforementioned story, answering
the question: Where did all those alternate Starscreams end after their death?

2.b) Shattered Terra
Disaster hits the heroes of Shattered Earth!


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