Combination (act 2): “Dreams”

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents Combination.

Hunter O’Nion. Sunstreaker. Ratchet. Verity.
Was their story really over, when Maximum Dinobots ended and Simon Furman abandoned the writing chores of the series?
Of course not, but a different writer took the series in a completely new direction, abandoning the previously introduced concepts.
But, everywhere in the comicdom, everyone knows that one day a certain question will be asked: what if…?

Yes, what if the story of Hunter and Sunstreaker had been developed until it reached its full potential?
Earth Headmasters, based on 1984 or G2 characters– uncharted territories that were just waiting to be exploited!
We have no idea of how Simon Furman would have handled this, but he left some interesting hints and clues here and there, in his previous work: what if the fans were to continue where he left off?
What if an event known as Magnificent Saga had started something, splitting the timelines?
What if the Seeds Of Deception timeline, merging with the -Ation timeline, had born a fruit known as The Future is -Ation?

Just as Differentiation is about the fate of the Earth-bound Decepticons, right after the events of Devastation, Combination chronicles the deeds of the Earth-based Autobots right after the end of Maximum Dinobots!

Art by Daniele “Danbrenus” Spezzani and Sin-Nos.


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