Road Rocket goes Headmaster

Transformers: Seeds Of Deception presents a partner for Road Rocket: it’s Headmaster Fabian Heurtaux, a new human character for The Future Is -Ation saga!

As a tribute to Simon Furman’s and EJ Su’s work in Infiltration, Escalation and Devastation, our project will build upon the brilliant concepts they introduced and revisited when they took the original G1 Headmaster idea and brought it to a whole new level.
The original Transformers stories were fascinating (among other things) because they explored the interaction between humans and unusual alien robots, right in “our courtyard”. Other series tried to mimic that, but they just ended up giving too much room to uninteresting human characters who talked a lot but remained ultimately irrelevant in the great scheme of things (only Transformers: Animated was able to really surprise us with the human/robot interaction!).
The Headmaster concept is what it takes to truly bring the human/robot interaction in a whole new direction, as it opens doors to never-explored realms: how deep can this relation go? How will the two different ways of thinking/living/existing merge (or clash)?
Despite what they have recently tried to make us believe, the Transformers are not human: they are robots with a millenia-long lifespan. They perceive life differently, have different values, go through events and history in a whole different way.
In a word: they are alien!
THey have seen worlds live and die, they are detached, a bit cynical, surely disillusioned. How will a human-turned-cyborg react to this?
The -Ation comics aimed at exploring this basic concept, while weaving a huge conspiracy web that was encasing our whole world (and beyond).
Our upcoming stories will continue that (check out Act one of Differentiation, if you haven’t already) and Fabian/Road Rocket will be part of this experience (alongside Jimmy/Override, Hunter/Sunstreaker, Verity/????? and ?????/Hound).

Art by Nicodemus Rexx.


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