Shattered Collision – part 1

Shattered Glass Comics proudly presents its very first multipages fancomic, SHATTERED COLLISION Part One, of the Transformers Shattered Glass Universe.

Fans of the official Shattered Glass Transformers, created by Fun Publications, know the story about the noble Decepticons en the evil Autobots: it’s a mirror universe where heroes are villains and bad is good.
But the Multiverse is immense: as there are endless alternate Transformers G1 realities, so endless Shattered Glass universe must exist.

Our story begins as the beautiful Elita One leaves Optimus Prime to join the Decepticons in Farewell and All about Trust.
Now, Shattered Collision will chronicle the love affair between Megatron and Elita One and evil Optimus Prime’s frustration caused by the betrayal of the charismatic Galvatron, brother of Megatron (yes, you read that right!).


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