G1 Season 4: the “Italian Detour” – An Army Of Darkness

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception project presents a new episode from the friend project G1 Season 4: “An Italian Detour”.
It’s the biggest event of the saga (yet), as The Road To The Rebirth reaches its end, in a story set between Season 3 and Season 4 (“The Rebirth”) of the Transformers G1 cartoon!

They are finally here! Emerging from the Plasma Energy of the primordial Chamber/Foundry, Primacron’s newest creations are ready to pick an alliance: will they bow to Starscream and Unicron or side with the unexpected All-Are-One alliance of Grimlock and Galvatron?
Also, Primacron’s Assistant meets his own destiny–and this spells doom for Wheelie!


Discussion threads:

Seibertron, IDW Publishing forum, Tfw2005, Tformers, AllSpark, TfArchive, TheTF, FullMetalHero, Cybertron, TransFans, TMUK, TfCog, NTFA, Unicron.


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