The Untold Marvels – G1 UK #161.5, “Navigator. Warrior. Guardian.”

The Transformers: Seeds Of Deception and Transformers: The Lost Seasons projects present a new story for the Transformers: The Untold Marvels – G1 US/UK series.

It’s The Untold Marvels – G1 UK #161.5, “Navigator. Warrior. Guardian.”
Exploring the most obscure, ancient and forgotten (by the writers themselves!) corners of the original continuity, as it was expanded and multiplied by the lively artistic creators of the British branch of the 1980’s Marvel comics, this series aims at bringing back the classics and the most beloved!

Story by Franco Villa. Art by Joe Teanby and Niki Neigebauer.

It’s the return of Centurion, featuring the secret fate of professor Morris! It’s Samuel Harker and the Guardian of the Final Fate of the Autobots! It’s the secretly alive Shockwave and his Seacons!
Connecting two (three?) abandoned subplots from the original (and legendary) saga, a new path opens, taking our character to a very familiar planet. Dare we say…Nebulos?

Also check out G1 Non-Marvel US #78.5, “The Last Quest”, in case you missed it!


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